If you are looking for a dog-friendly place to work, Amazon is your best answer.

This serves as a tradition in which Amazonians and their dogs can truly enjoy while having an excellent performance in work. Amazon maintains its good relationship not only to its workers but also to their dogs. Amazon is the leading company for a dog-friendly workplace. The company’s headquarters 17th floor has a doggie area where dogs can freely run around. This floor boasts a synthetic fire hydrant, dog relief zone, and water stations to ensure the safety of the dogs. In addition, Amazon provides a string-free dog park where pups can play on rocks and other constructions.

Do you have any idea how many registered dogs come in at Amazon? Well, 6,000 registered dogs come to Amazon’s headquarters, specifically in Seattle.  In regular days, 500 dogs come in with their owners. In the Amazon workplace, they create a connection to the employees since they meet each other in lobbies or elevators every day because of their dogs. You may be wondering to whom the dogs report with, and they report to Lara Hirschfield, “Woof Pack” Manager of Amazon.

On the other hand, have you ever thought of how this tradition of Amazon started? Well, it was because of Rufus- a Welsh corgi dog. In the early days of Amazon, a couple brought Rufus to work with them. Surprisingly, Rufus became a resilient part of the team. Its paw was used by the workers to click the mouse of the computer to post some of the earliest pages of Amazon.com. Rufus memory is still honored in Amazon.  It has photos around the campus and a building in South Lake Union that was named after it. After Rufus, this started thousands of dogs to follow its steps.

Employees started bringing their dogs since they found out that it is an effective way for them to enjoy while working. They will not feel bored since they can work with the pets that can cuddle with them at the same time. It’s been found that bringing or having pets in the workplace can lower stress and boost the productiveness of the workers. It also provides work-life balance, improves the wellness of the employees, and can generate the recruitment of employees. Those are not only the benefits of a dog-friendly workplace. It also contributes to the company’s collaborative culture that increases the level of interaction of the workers. Their dogs can also socialize with other dogs in the building. However, the interaction of dogs and its owners doesn’t only end in the workplace. Several events have been done outside the campus to support this tradition of Amazon, such as Barktoberfest. It offers dog-friendly treats and activities such as a costume contest where dogs showcase different costumes like unicorns.